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My coaching

One small drop of water.

It doesn’t sound like much, does it?  But when a single drop is seen from a new perspective it can be both beautiful and powerful. 

A single drop creates a predictable pattern, causing a ripple that effects everything around it. When one drop becomes many drops the impact can be extraordinary.

One small drop of water.

That image speaks directly to my belief in the power of coaching.  It represents the principle that a small and simple action can lead to a profound impact on the world around it. 

Just one insight – just one change in the way you think – can shift how you see your world.  Seeing differently can inspire you to move in a new direction or take a different action.  The ripple effect caused by a new action or behavior can substantially improve the results you experience. 

Over time, these seemingly small insights and behavioral changes generate the kind of momentum that creates tremendous positive impact on your life.  They lead to dramatically improved outcomes for you.  Ultimately, they help you reach your most ambitious goals in life and work. 

My mission is to help you accentuate your extraordinary so that you create positive impact in your world.

My Approach

Good coaching doesn’t start with problem-solving, but with a candid set of questions that help individuals see their talents, capabilities and potential from a fresh perspective. Even the most outstanding executives can be hobbled by their own limiting beliefs and behaviors that simply don’t serve them – and others – as leaders.

My focus is to develop high-performing leaders and team. This requires me to strike a balance between your need for encouragement and support and your need to be challenged and tested. You can expect me to speak openly and candidly with you. I will create and hold a space to go deep and be real.  I will create an environment where you will be seen and heard in order that you can reflect and learn.  This will help you achieve a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth in service of your higher goals and bigger impact you can make.

Working with a coach is a highly personalized interaction — tailored to your specific needs and situation. It can help you see obstacles and patterns that may be interrupting your success. It can give you access to your many strengths and talents to make an impact on what matters most in your work and personal life. 

Any behavior can be perceived as good, bad, or neutral based on the context in which it occurs. My coaching process starts by understanding a client’s environment and the business situation. Where possible, I work to understand and align my coaching to existing leadership models and company values. Using this approach, I can ensure that my coaching leads to the intended, successful outcome both for the client and for the key partners and sponsor who have a stake in the outcomes the executive hopes to achieve.

Coaching Phases

  • Gain context / Clarify outcomes (coach, client and sponsors)
  • Gather data (using a Hogan Assessment instrument, 360 feedback tool, or direct one-on-one interviews)
  • Debrief feedback (client and coach)
  • Create an action plan (client and coach)
  • Share action plan with key sponsors and partners (client with sponsors)
  • Engage in ongoing coaching (client and coach)
  • Measure impact (client and sponsors)
  • Wrap up and set conditions for sustainable change


I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I work with clients in person or virtually across the US and internationally.

My professional background

I bring more than 10 years of experience coaching and consulting in a variety of industries including healthcare, financial services, insurance, technology, and non-profit organizations. Throughout my career, I’ve built and managed high-performing teams, led enterprise-wide organizational transformations, and managed large-scale, complex change management initiatives.

My coaching expertise includes leadership development, high potential development, and onboarding/transition coaching. For each of these engagements, I worked with clients in the U.S. and internationally to co-create a tailored program addressing their most challenging issues and supporting them in achieving ambitious goals and results.

In addition to coaching expertise, I bring 20 years of global business, leadership and human resources experience to my client work. Most recently, I served as a Senior Director with McKesson Corporation, a global healthcare services and medical supply company. My work as an internal coach at McKesson focused primarily on leaders rising from within and an international clientele of ex-pats. Prior to that coaching role, I was Chief of Staff to the Head of HR and led the Program Management Office at McKesson.

Prior to my work in the Fortune 500, I led the HR function at a private-equity backed asset management firm where I was responsible for all human resources disciplines for 700+ employees. I also held numerous HR roles at Genworth Financial and GE.

I hold a Master of Industrial and Labor Relations (MILR) from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Brigham Young University.


  • Hogan Assessment (HPI)
  • ZengerFolkman 360
  • BlueEQ Emotional Intelligence
  • Mobus Creative Negotiation