Career Coaching

Manage Your Career

Confidentially explore potential next steps and set a positive direction for your career path.

Are you feeling stuck or bored in your current position?

Having trouble determining your next steps?

Coaching can help you clarify your aspirations. By sharing your ideas and dreams with someone who listens and supports you, you will gain greater insight into what you really want – and the confidence to step away from the familiar and the comfortable.

Common Focus Areas

  • Clarify aspirations, create a positioning statement and identify new possibilities and opportunities
  • Evaluate and revise your resume (and LinkedIn profile) to prepare for job interviews
  • Breathe life into your career choices with positive reinforcement and outside perspective

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Determining a clear direction with a co-created action plan
  • Being held accountable for taking your next steps
  • Gaining more balanced insight into your true market value (versus the negative self-talk in your head)