HR Consulting

A Trusted Resource When It Matters

Sometimes your company needs an extra pair of hands, someone you can depend on and trust to meet a surge in demand, to apply expertise to a challenging initiative or to execute on key a deliverable. 

Ryan is a versatile HR leader with more than 20 years of diverse HR experience ranging from Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and emerging, privately-held enterprises.  In the companies where he has worked, he is often identified as the person who can be deployed to a wide variety of important initiatives to add value quickly.  He is well known for leading initiatives and delivering results that impact the enterprise. 

Ryan works comfortably with executives, leaders and employees in all areas of an organization.  Among his areas of experience and expertise are:

  • Implementing HR systems
  • Partnering with the business (HR Business Partner)
  • Leading change
  • Managing projects / Leading Program Management Office
  • Designing and transforming departments and organizations
  • Setting and executing strategy
  • Assessing and reviewing talent
  • Conducting succession planning
  • Implementing performance management systems
  • Integrating values to drive culture
  • Enabling HR innovation
  • Integrating inclusion and diversity