Thrive in Leadership

Maximize your personal and organizational influence and impact while increasing the value of your contributions to your organization.

Making the climb to the top is hard work, full of risk and uncertainty. Don’t go it alone. We provide guidance to help you become a leader that others want to follow.  We coach leaders who want to make a lasting impact and contribute effectively to their organizations and their teams.

Common focus areas:

  • Strengthen your ability to succeed during periods of complexity, doubt and uncertainty
  • Gain access to greater self-awareness of your leadership strengths and weaknesses – learning how to leverage this awareness to create a more intentional impact
  • Build confidence in your ability to deliver results, take calculated risks and build trust
  • Balance competing demands and priorities at work and in life 

Anticipated Results:

  • Improve or speed up the delivery of business results

  • Strengthen peer and manager relationships
  • Create and influence positive change
  • Inspire greater “followership” throughout your team
  • Become a better listener who gains respect throughout the organization

Rise Up from Within

Transform potential into impact for high-potential or emerging leaders and executives.

We help clients who want to maximize the value of their high-potential leaders. We work directly with executives who are moving into – or growing into – challenging new roles that require them to stretch their leadership abilities. We guide emerging leaders to rise to new, challenging assignments with intention and deliver the positive results envisioned by others.

Common focus areas:

  • Embrace new job responsibilities with intention and clarity
  • Assimilate effectively into a new role and expanded leadership responsibilities

  • Understand and avoid common pitfalls with a rising but less experienced leader

  • Establish trusted relationships throughout the organization
  • Work more effectively within the politics and culture of the organization

Anticipated results:

  • Experience accelerated impact in a new role through a step-by-step journey tailored to your needs and situation
  • Identify and deliver on quick wins

  • Gain confidence and clarity in your purpose as your leadership abilities mature

Onboard from Outside

Minimize the risk and smooth the transition for new hires by helping them assimilate more quickly into your workplace culture. Accelerate their contributions and create positive impact across the organization.

We coach incoming leaders to navigate unfamiliar territory and complex situations with greater clarity and confidence.  We protect against the downside risks that may emerge when a leader is having difficulty integrating from outside your organization.

Common focus areas:

  • Build positive momentum while avoiding common pitfalls early on (rather than after problems emerge)
  • Enter an organization with a clear plan for assimilation and learning
  • Manage emerging challenges and complexities with clarity, confidence and effectiveness

Anticipated results:

  • Gain traction and create greater impact through effective relationship building
  • Navigate organizational dynamics and relationships with confidence

  • Communicate how your vision aligns with company values and business goals