Facilitation & Workshops for Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Build and maintain high-performing teams with targeted facilitation and workshops.  Address pain points and strengthen the behaviors and skills that contribute meaningfully to enterprise success.

Common focus areas:

  • Aligning culture to values and commitments that serve the strategy
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Building and maintain trust
  • Managing conflict
  • Improving decision-making
  • Adopting and influencing change
  • Clarifying goals, priorities, and roles
  • Managing time and meetings to align with business priorities

Facilitated Workshops

Hogan Assessment for Team Effectiveness

  • The Hogan Team Report provides “a personality-based understanding of a team’s strengths, weaknesses, and values. Individuals will understand how their personalities can combine to support or hinder effectiveness.”

New Leader Assimilation

  • The new leader assimilation facilitates intentional development of productive and positive working relationships between an incoming executive and her direct reports. It opens communication channels and helps to build individual and team relationships.

Team Alignment

  • A team alignment is designed to ensure that goals, roles, processes, and interpersonal relationships are established to enable the team to become high-performing faster.

Project Debrief

  • Help leaders and team members safely discuss and learn from any project or deliverable. Identify common lessons that can apply for the team and elsewhere in the organization. 

Emotional Intelligence for Business Impact

  • A BlueEQ Mastery Workshop “will increase your organization’s emotional intelligence and accelerate business objectives by enabling participants to feel psychologically safe to innovate, be challenged, and excel.”

Innovation Tournament

  • Based on the research and book from Wharton Professors, an innovation tournament is a facilitated workshop designed to identify the most compelling, innovative ideas that a team would like to implement in their workplace.